Updated Artwork not previewing in BURN token

I am copying this from an earlier ticket, that I realized was marked as Solved. It is not Solved yet.

Hey there,

In BurnRedeem, I have an issue with the Burn “Crushed” token.

• I previously set up a Claim page for my 1155 before the new app. When you announced the Burn Redeem app, I changed the start and end dates so that the claim ended before it launched so I could take advantage of the new app. Stated another way, the original claim never published.

• I setup the BurnReed claim based off 1155 token #1 with updated artwork, but same title.

The updated image from the Claim Page is NOT appearing in the Burn/Redeem campaign. I checked the links on Etherscan. Look fine.

How can I show the updated artwork on the 1155 token #1, “Crushed” in the Burn/Redeem app?



Duplicate thread - Answered here: