An update on Opensea's Creator Royalties

Gm! With the update on Opensea’s Creator Royalties policy change, we’ve had a number of questions of where things stand and where things will go. The following thread will clarify some information around how Manifold Contracts are affected by OpenSea’s recent changes:

Twitter Thread:

  1. An update on OpenSea’s Creator Royalties policy change and how they affect Manifold Contracts. Here is a summary on how these changes have affected Manifold Contracts, the state of where things are at now, and what we are providing creators going forward.

  2. In Summary - Contracts Deployed:

  • Before Nov 8: royalties un-affected
  • After Dec 1: can opt-in to OpenSea’s policy on royalties
  • Nov 8 - Dec 1: We are working with OpenSea and fighting to get creators royalties enabled. If you are affected please contact OpenSea
  1. As of Nov 8, OpenSea updated their policy on royalties to not enforce royalties unless the contract contained code (the Operator Filter) to block the selling of NFTs on certain marketplaces. Contracts that do not contain this code are not eligible for royalties on OpenSea.

  2. This policy does not apply to any existing contracts that were deployed prior to Nov 8, meaning these contracts are not affected and have full support for creator royalties on OpenSea.

  3. On Dec 1, we will release a new version of the Manifold Creator Contract that will enable support for OpenSea’s Operator Filter. This will allow you to choose if you would like to opt-in to OpenSea’s new policy on creator royalties.

  4. This leaves contracts that were deployed between Nov 8 - Dec 1. As per OpenSea’s policy, unfortunately these contracts will not be eligible for royalties on OpenSea.This matter is out of our hands and there is nothing that we can do with out support from OpenSea.

  5. We know this leaves a handful of creators in a tough spot. We are working with OpenSea and fighting on creators behalf to get royalty support for these contracts. If you are a creator with a contract affected by this policy change, please contact OpenSea and let them know.

  6. At Manifold we take the security and reliability of our contracts very seriously. The deadline of Nov 8 left only 2 days to make the necessary changes to be compliant with not leave enough time to audit external code, upgrade systems, and determine the best path going forward

  7. We hope that this clarifies some of information around how Manifold Contracts are affected by OpenSea’s recent changes. And as always our goal is always to provide creators with the best path going forward to ensure they have full creative sovereignty and their royalties.


Thanks for everything you do to help creators! I will wait for new contract. Tough situation. :pray:

Thanks for your update!
And thank you for support artists.

I can’t understand why OpenSea did a black hole with two weeks. Just a small remark from their side and new contracts (1Dec) is a new part of policy. All old is an old part of policy

Wrote a message to OS, but don’t sure that they will read it. I hope lot of artist did the same to be hear

Hi there i just deploy my first contract in manifold today , and unfurtunatly i discover that i’m not able to set up royalties on open sea … i would like to know if is possible to upgrade my contract when the new one is ready ?

Hi if i created a contract on Goerli between Nov 8 and Dec 1 if i now upload to Mainnet will this take into account the opt-in to opensea?

Also where is the opt-in to opensea’s policy on royalties? Can you send a screenshot of where to find this as not able to see it anywhere.

Hi, thanks for the update, which sounds great.

I am planning to release a drop with an artist today and have checked the Studio but was not able to find the corresponding settings to register to a specific list of allowed operators. Will this be added to the Studio or do we have to do some manual steps (transactions) after the deployment of the smart contract?

BR Nils

If the contract is deployed today they will be eligible for the opt-in. We’re still building the UX for this and it will go live in the next few days.

Hi, I created a few contracts so I could still be eligible for the opt-in, with 1 token minted, is it possible to change the name on these contracts? And if yes, how? Or if I delete the token and change the contract will they be considered as new without the eligibility?