Cannot complete custom reveal - Error: "Cannot have an instance allowlist with this audience type."

  • What is your wallet address? 0x7D26f20B50bBab5081dff5e6510490090612B6a6

  • A summary of the issue:

I have a problem with this new UI layout. I don’t see the old “upload to Arweave” button to hit before publishing my update.

Further, after loading my csv of data, when I click publish, I get this error thrown :
“Cannot have an instance allowlist with this audience type. Please refresh and try again.”

What’s the problem? I have an open mint with no ending, a supply of 999, and only 24 are minted so far. The allowlist setting are open to anyone.

Thanks in advance

  • What browser are you using? I’m on Brave
  • What wallet are you using? Using a Ledger via MetaMask

gm! Can you post a screenshot of your console along with the error? Instructions here:

One other thing, since I am using your brief tutorial video on updating custom metadata via csv.

In it, you do not show how to export google drive folders with url location for each file. No matter, I figured it out and I am using “Drive Explorer” to do this.
However, there are many url formats that can be generated. I want to be sure I am uploading the correct url format to arweave.
Can you provide the url link format required for a successful reveal of animated MP4 files?

Thx - Can you post a picture of the console? I only see the error message in this screenshot.

Hey, so I have the console grab here.
Can you answer my above question about file urls too please?

Hey Nobody,

Can you try again, this should have fixed itself?

Seem like you may have first created the claim with an allowlist, and now are trying to open up the claim to any wallet with a wallet limit of 10, correct?

No sir,
The claim criteria have not changed ever,
Issue persists.

Do the contents of my csv file have any part in this? As I asked above, I am not sure of the correct url format.

Any idea on this?

Is it ok that I am attempting to upload a csv of 999 file links, while only 24 have been minted so far?

Is there anyone that can answer my questions about google drive file url link format ?

What happened to the “upload to Arweave” button?

Why can’t I edit each individual file’s details in the CSV preview like we could before the recent UI update?

I see in the csv upload instructions it says:
“Drop or select a CSV file that contains name, description, image URL and animation URL.”
What is the difference between the “image url” and the “animation url” ?

I have animated MP4. files for my collection. What url format is needed for the two different “image” and “animation” urls?

The link to the video file will go in the animation URL column and the image URL will be the thumbnail image. When I created the video, I just right clicked and hit share to create the CSV. As long as the permissions are set to open that should be fine. If you want to confirm, you could also test out a claim on a testnet to try out this process with a smaller number of tokens!

I thought claim pages weren’t supported on testnet

I see no option for a csv when sharing in GDrive.

I am able to generate these varying urls. with “Drive Explorer” Just not sure what your method yielded as far as url, and if these will work.
Would be happy to test, but cannot even get the upload to publish, as per my previously shared console.
This is the thumbnail link:

But It doesn’t load a preview thumb in the upload UI. I have read they are temp too, and google kills them within an hour.

These are examples, I have clipped them to just show the ending variation:

I’m not familiar with Drive Explorer but this is where I grabbed the links for the Image URL column in the CSV. For animation URL, you would do the same when staging your tokens.

The new update will allow you to fully test these mechanics on testnet.

Im referring to this screenshot you sent which shows an Audience error message and the audience selection. I see you might have another issue with the CSV, but this message in the screenshot should not happen because of a csv issue.

So if we handle each problem individually first, it will help us provide the best and quickest support to you.

Claims on testnet are now supported - if you click the profile dropdown on the top right and select Testnet Workspace

you will be able to create a claim page on Sepolia testnet

That was a much clearer directive.
Unfortunately, I have 999 to do, so a batch exporter like Drive Explorer is the only way.
I did manage to match the url format though. So that is a small win.

Follow up question would be, is it required to have a thumbnail, or can the MP4 still be viewed as the thumb?
I ask, as I have no still images to match to the MP4s as thumbs.

Just wondering if it is required, as the directions ask for both image and animation urls

Glad testing claim pages is now supported (for obvious reasons) :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I am having issues deploying to Sepolia too.
I have test ETH, and here is my console error.

Is my browser blocking some functionality?

No, looks like you are missing some information on contract creation. Share a screenshot. Likely missing name, symbol or ascii.

I have progressed past the audience error to begin the upload.
Now I have a question I asked to Wilkins regarding the issue described here: