Collab tool/ splitting creator proceeds available?

I’ve seen others ask this question but it remained unanswered so I’ll try my luck:

I’m collaborating with another artist for an open edition on Manifold, and looking for some kind of tool that lets me add his wallet address so that proceeds are automatically split.

Does this feature exist?
If not, would be cool to add in the future.

gm! When you refer to proceeds do you mean primary sales?

There are tools like 0xSplits which can allow funds to be distributed across multiple wallets.

For secondary sales it’s possible to set royalties on chain at the contract and token level, keep in mind that not all platforms will respect on-chain royalties.

Yes I meant primary sales (But also secondary sales now that I think about it^^)
Thanks for the tip, I will check out the tool.

Okay so I’m trying to set it all up with 0xSplits, and I’m wondering: If I add the splits contract address on manifold in the on-chain royalties field, does it still work on primary proceeds? Not just secondary?
See screenshot :arrow_down:

Hi Lyndo! I’m also interested in SPLIT payments for primary sales - for auctions and specially claim pages.

The 0xSplits is interesting but prob expensive/cumbersome if we plan to make single collabs with low editions with other artists.

Please add a +1 on this feature request :wink:

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