Create a free claim and turn it into regular claim afterwards

Hey guys!

Was trying to find some more info in the forum but didn’t really find what i was looking for.

I want to do a free claim for holders of a previous edition I launched by doing a snapshot and give them a claim window in where the eligible wallets can claim one free NFT.

Assuming that I will need to set the claim page with the whitelist, set the maximum amount of tokens, set max claims per wallet to 1 and then set the time window.

After the claim window closes, I would like to open up the claim for everyone.
Is it enough to just change the claim page settings by removing the whitelist requirements, and then changing the max claims per wallet to i.e. 3 and change the claim time to some time in the future (or the current moment)?

Will this work? And will tokens be numbered correctly? (continue to be numbered after the free claim)

Hoping to get some insight!
Thank you

Gm! Is this the mechanic you’re referring to?

This was super helfpfull!
Appreciate the quick response!