Creating a Claim Page for pre-minted NFTs?

Hello Manifold! Love the studio and custom contracts and mints.

I recently minted 100 erc-1155s on a custom contract all through Manifold Studio. Can I create a claim page for them now or do I have to remint them through the create-claim-page workflow? Thanks for any help and happy holiday

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gm! Thanks for reaching out. The mechanic is a little different between pre-minting the tokens and using a claim page.

Sounds like you have pre-minted 100 tokens and have already covered the gas fees to mint the tokens. The tokens exist on chain and then to sell them you would list them on a platform of your choice or a tool like Manifold Gallery.

A claim page allows creators to create a page where the tokens have yet to be minted. In this case the the collectors cover the gas fees to mint the tokens to their own wallet. When a claim page is created, no tokens have been minted until collectors go through the minting.

Hope this clears things up. Happy holidays!

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I have a similar (kinda) question.
is there a way to sell already minted (on manifold) tokens via manifold? thanks!

If the tokens have already been minted a feature like Gallery will allow you to support a single token! We don’t support multiple tokens at the moment, but it’s something we will look into down the road.

so how do I list at Gallery?

I have already minted my tokens and listed them on FND and after that a Collector reserved x editions of a token on Manifold. And maybe new Collectors will do that too. The Collector is probably waiting for me to create a claim page, which is not possible in this case. How to deal with this situation? Thanks for your support.

Hmmm, can you clarify a bit? I’m a little confused - The tokens have been minted and sold FND? You are looking to sell those tokens or create a new claim page?

Hi Lyndo, listed on FND and not sold yet on FND. Minted on Manifold. I have a Collector on Manifold holding tokens, I am looking to sell to the Collector on Manifold.

If a piece is listed for sale on Foundation it has been transferred to their custodial marketplace auction - To sell on Manifold’s Gallery app it will need to be unlisted on FND and then a listing created on Manifold!

Ah, thanks! I just read this again and realized I totally did the wrong thing. I meant to just make a Manifold Gallery page all along. Ugh, thanks for the clarification and happy holidays.

Problem is some people have already claimed them - I think I will need to airdrop to them the “correct” token. But perhaps I should just burn everything and remint because I created my custom contract in that weird time period in November where Opensea royalties are all screwed up. Ack.

Thanks again for all the help!

Thanks! But can’t find anyhere on FND where to unlist. The 3 dots on FND don’t give any options at all. Not even to burn the nft. Maybe still a rule of FND to first have one nft sold in order to unlock unlist/burn?
Maybe I am looking with my nose?
Any suggestions?