*** Does Gallery App Not Work On Optimism?

Guys- extremely frustrated here; does the Gallery app not work on Optimism? This is a continuation of topic here, but, in short: An auction listing created in Gallery app, for my token on Optimism, refuses to reflect most updates to the token—despite those updates being readily reflected from within Manifold Studio, on OpenSea, and everywhere else I check.

I’ve since canceled the listing, but can anyone shed some light on this? (will add to this- battery running low)

In Studio, the “Artwork” of the token was an HTML document; and the “Thumbnail” a .png image. Previous unsuccessful efforts updating the Thumbnail image prompted the earlier linked thread; today, though, after also updating the HTML document, and seeing that update not be reflected in the Gallery listing, is when I canceled the listing.

In summary, updates to the HTML document itself (the token “Artwork” — the whole point of the NFT) nor updates to the preview image (the token "Thumbnail) were ever reflected in the Gallery auction listing, nor were the links “VIEW ORIGINAL IMAGE,” “VIEW ORIGINAL ANIMATION” reflecting the updates, screenshot below.
The “VIEW METADATA” link did update.

Again, updates were readily reflected from within Manifold Studio, on OpenSea, and everywhere else I checked; it’s only the Gallery app auction listing page with errors — which is precisely where we send collectors…

This is with many, many efforts of refreshing metadata, clear cache / hard reload, multiple browser checks, confirming of Arweave links and updates, etc.

Also: I’m unable to create a new listing for the item because in the Gallery app auction workflow, when I select this token, the draft listing is already pre-populated with the incorrect preview image and description…

Screenshot 2023-12-19 095541

Beautiful work Mike! We’re looking into this right now.

We will report back with more information once we have a better idea of what’s causing seemingly just gallery to have either a delay, or a sync’ing issue. We are able to recreate/see your issue :+1:

I can say with certainty that if Manifold Studio and OpenSea were showing your updates then there are no issues with the token on-chain which is good! At the moment I believe this is a display layer bug on our side with just Gallery.

Big apologies for the inconvenience, I understand how stressful it is to have to list/unlist artworks because the display is off, not fun <3

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Also: "View Original Image" Link in Gallery Auction Listing Hasn't Updated Despite Metadata Refresh - #9 by mikeshupp.eth

Was that token that did work on OP or was it on Eth mainnet? Curious in order to triple check OP is the only network experiencing this behavior. Thanks ahead of time!

Thanks- I believe it was on Optimism as well, but it was in the Claim Page app/workflow…

I feel like this is an issue with the Gallery app…

Howdy! Good news.

We found the culprit and have patched it up. You should be able to now refresh metadata on OP, Base, or Mainnet (no longer just Mainnet).

As quality assurance for our fix, we’ve updated your token mentioned in this post and it is updated now on gallery!

Huge apologies for the oversight there. Let us know if you run into any other issues and we’ll hop right on it. :metal:

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Thanks so much guys! All looking good now! :white_check_mark: