Frame Mint on Base [app] [creator] - nothing minted after interacted with the Frame

Bug report

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  • A summary of the issue
    Frame Mint on Base is not working.

  • What is the expected outcome?
    I was creating “Frame Mint on Base” app step by step. Here is the cast with the Frame.
    TOWER is on Fire
    Expected an NFT minted on the user recasted on the cast.

  • What is the actual outcome?
    We got reported that, when a user “Recast” and click the “Mint” button. The frame will show “Mint success!” but it seems none of them received anything.
    By looking at the smart contract deployed, there was only the Initialize Claim transaction and nothing else.
    Here is the contract address on Base

  • A screenshot of the issue/error

same thing happened to me with this one two days ago and it never sent anything.

Thanks for the heads up. ATM gas is 100x of what it was a few days ago. All the mints have been recorded and will be delivered once things settle down. A full update here: