Metadata not updates to Arweave and Studio Page not displays correctly

Hello, I’m trying to update the description of one of my NFTs and is remaining stucked when it tries to send metadata to Arweave, see this screen

I need help.
Also, when I connect my wallet after I launch studio I am redirected to the wrong page and there is no way to see the page with my contracts and everything.
The page is this.

Is possible that Phantom wallet installed on the same browser creates problems? I see that if I disable the Phantom extension it works. So please resolve this issue. I need to use Phantom at the same time.

I’m having the same problem. Trying to update metadata on a Base token. Fails and asks me to post here!

Hmm - Will investigate the Arweave issue for you.

Yeah Phantom wallet can create some issues logging into Studio, we’ve noticed this in a few cases of our using having both wallets installed on the same Chrome profile.

For your login issue:

Is possible that Phantom wallet installed on the same browser creates problems?

Yes, we do not suggest Phantom wallet in the same browser as MM or Coinbase Wallet. They all compete with eachother and cause bugs. Login will most likely work just fine if you have just one enabled.

For supported combos see: Manifold Studio wont prompt Metamask Desktop - #5 by brooksgallery

Confirmed Working Configurations

  • Metamask alone
  • Metamask with WalletGuard or
  • Metamask and Coinbase
  • Metamask and Coinbase with WalletGuard or
  • Mobile Metamask (with WalletConnect)
  • Phantom on its own
  • Phantom with Metamask (though we do not suggest)

Confirmed the following have issues:

  • Phantom and Coinbase together are really buggy, Phantom seems to think Metamask is installed when it isn’t.
  • 3+ wallets installed at once creates all sorts of weird bugs
  • we’ve yet to add Rainbow wallet support yet

For your arweave upload issue, see my next post

Hello! Currently our Arweave uploader seems to functioning as expected. Could you give it another go and let us know if it still gets stuck on the metadata upload? There may have been some temporary slow downs aka congestion in the Arweave network this morning that slowed your uploads down. Should be fine now :crossed_fingers:

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Is not working for me. I cannot even refresh the metadata for that token because when I get to the token page it automatically tries to upload the metadata, but is stuck

Your token appears minted to me.

My token is minted since a lot. But today I have modified the description. I need to update it. Thanks.

When you go to the page do you not see what I see?

And now, even if I updated Windows and get out from Manifold Studio, when I come back and login I cannot access this token page because is trying continuously to update metadata on Arweave, I don’t know what to do, I need assistance with it. Thank you.

Gotcha. On it. I’ll have to recreate. Will report back, apologies!

Alright so the unfortunate truth of the situation is Arweave is having some trouble today and your transaction genuinely has been pending for a very long time. Nothing us at Manifold can do about that which is frustrating.

I suggest you check back in a few hours and try again. Hopefully by then arweave will have caught up and when you come back to the page it will automatically go right through that step.

Another trick you can use if it’s still stuck in a few hours:

Clear out your browser’s local storage then reload the page. That will log you out. Log in and update the description slightly (add a space or remove a space somewhere). Then try minting again!

That will cause our servers to try and upload your data as a brand new file, and maybe that one won’t get stuck in the Arweave blockchain like the last one.

I still have problems. Is impossible to update, I need help with this issue, my token needs to be updated

We are looking at this now.

I think is a specific problem for this token. I just updated the description of another token and it worked very fast. Only with this one not works.

Just to make sure we are looking at the same thing, what is the token?

I believe we have identified the issue, will update this thread once resolved

Hi, so sorry for the delayed. We have identified an issue. This was due to this token being created quite a long time ago that uses some of our old system. We have corrected it and it should work now!

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