Opensea royalty enforcement / blocklist - can solution be added to existing contracts?

@gorkulus @0x12389810weq I have some unfortunate news. An issue came up and it doesn’t look like this can be done with an extension anymore.

Sorry, this caught us off guard. There are a few ways forward, I will share updates when I can.

Thanks for the update. That is unfortunate - we went ahead and minted an artist’s first NFT on a Manifold contract based on this guidance, to be featured in a big show. It sounds like we will probably need to redeploy on a new contract at some point. Definitely would love any further updates as soon as you have them.

I know, I thought we were solid. Apologies. Will keep this thread up to date.


Major bummer. I know it’s a complex problem.

I was about to launch a Burn/Redeem with a royalty tomorrow. Should we wait until the plan is more full flushed out? If so, how would I delay a Burn/Redeem draft? Can I remove the start date if I have not Published yet?

Thanks, appreciate it! If deploying a new Manifold contract with the OS code (or similar) is a path forward and it could be done soon, we’d love that.

I just deployed our SC and NFT Collection via manifold and discovered that because manifold doesn’t include on-chain enforcement opensea won’t enforce royalties.

This is a major problem and, quite frankly, should have been disclosed prominently. Not buried in the FAQ and in the Forum.

What is really suprising is that manifold’s UI clearly implies that opensea royalties ARE supported
Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 10.08.20 AM

But when one clicks the link opensea shows the following.
Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 10.11.44 AM

Seems a bit deceptive…

I don’t know what to do at this point. Extremely disappointed.

Damn it. You’re right. The in-app messaging is not accurate for all contracts anymore :pensive:. Will fix.

We’re working to give optionality for creators to support Opensea’s Operator Filters, but it is a moving target. If this is important to you–and you do not already have a manifold contract deployed prior to november 8th–I would use another contract provider right now.

Added a warn to the deploy screen.

We’re working actively on this and will have updates to share shortly.

May you provide some more clarity on “moving target” and how this differs from being a “priority. 2-3 weeks” which you have been stated 8d ago? I am closely working with an artist on a drop that will partly rely on secondary market royalties. Manifold is our preferred contract provider so an additional 1-2 weeks to wait would be fine. BR Nils

is there a possibility that it will not be solved?

We have a solution.
See public announcement here with more details:

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so if i make a new one contract today, after 1 dec, i will have royalties on OS?

Yes for contracts deployed from Dec 1st, you can go into studio, select your contract, then settings. There you can enable OpenSea’s marketplace blocker (and then have royalties enforced).

For contracts deployed from November 8th until Dec 1st, we’re working closely with OpenSea on a solution, hang tight.

For future updates, follow the pinned thread: [Release] Manifold Creator Core v2.0.0 Update🎉

Or twitter.

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@gorkulus @Guided @redline I meant to respond, we were able to get OpenSea to extend the royalty enforcement deadline until January.

So the contracts you deployed will have royalties enforced with no further actions.


What do you mean by: “we were able to get OpenSea to extend the royalty enforcement deadline until January” ?

If contracts after 12/2 are compliant, and now Nov 8 to 12/1 are, does January mean those Nov 8-Dec1 will not be complaint then? Its only tempoary or? Can you go into a little detail please?

This will be a helpful read:

All contracts deployed before January 2nd will have royalties enforced by OpenSea now and in the future.

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To be clear, you must also have a token minted on said contract before January 2nd for creator fees to apply. See this: OS royalty explainer - #2 by ediep