'10K PFP' Style mint for 1/1 Collection

Hey Manifold squad! I’m looking to release a 1/1NFT collection in the style of a 10k PFP project. I feel like there is probably a way to finagle the existing Manifold apps to make this work but any guidance would be greatly appreciated. More details below:

  • PFP-style “blind” mint. People would just mint and receive a random NFT from the collection. (I believe this would be lazy minting?)
  • collection of ~40 or so 1/1s all at same price
  • mediums include audio, video, gif & png

Thanks in advance, already a huge fan of Manifold and use it regularly to mint podcast episodes at Rehash :black_heart:

Hi - At this time we don’t support this style of drop. It’s something we’ll be exploring in the future but don’t have a timeline for when this feature will be completed!

Ahh okay, thanks for the response Lyndo.

As a workaround I’m thinking of just minting all of the NFTs myself, listing them for auction, and then manually linking their gallery pages to separate buttons on my website. But, is it possible to have more than 1 auction running at a time from the same smart contract?