1155 Token Not Showing Up on OpenSea

My 1155 tokens were airdropped successfully via manifold. Etherscan shows each token in the correct wallets. However, all airdrop recipients cannot find the NFT on Opensea. They have checked their hidden folders as well, still not there.

The token and contract are visible in the minting wallet on Opensea. However when you go to the tokens page on NFT, token number, activity, price history, listings, offers, owners are all blank.

Is OpenSea not pulling data for this token from Etherscan? The token is showing all the correct data on etherscan, looksrare, and rariable.

How can I get it to show up on OpenSea? I want recipients to be able to see it in OpenSea since that is their most used platform.

Answered here! My tokens are showing up everywhere but opensea

Thanks I will reach out to opensea for a manual refresh and see if that works