2 mints "lifted" before launch, raiderrob.eth

wallet for my account

i created a claim page and sometime after i minted an initial batch, within about a 50 minute window, raiderrob.eth minted 2 NFTs. i didnt share the claim page with anybody.

how did they find the contract and mint from it so fast?

here is the transaction 0x219e089a36dd99a62f890f4c95156508ddf66fc055646efbe953c947512ccd94

the smart contract and nft i created used this wallet 0xC505Ad40Fb0166189109bf32789A656Db8971721

he minted after i changed the mint qty from 100 (the batch i wanted) to the 2 i wanted the claim set for after that. i also changed it from free to .005 eth. he has one listed now. its annoying. we sold out the rest to our community which was a win.

Sorry to hear this happened.

Everything you do on-chain can be assumed to be public. This person probably found it on-chain or through our bot in discord that posts all new claims.

i will be more careful in the future.

i did not think it was possible to mint from the contract when using the claim page.


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Same issue here; I setup everything late night, and woke up to half of my nfts already minted, by random users. Could a ‘pause mint’ feature be added or do we just need to be more careful planning our drop times, extra editions, etc? Is there a way to stop/delete a claim page once it’s started?