24-Hr Gallery Auction Reduced to 10 minutes Upon Bidding

Wallet Address: 0x2C7Ba77e6F1D25EE8f4905D4cD6934E47ba19BcA

I created a 24 hour auction for an 1155 token this morning.

After I received bids, the auction timer went to 10 minutes.

Screenshot shows that I had 24 hours as the set time after the first bid.

Cost me $50 to fix and have the auction winner send back the token.

Auction link :Bonehead - DK | Manifold


Hi, we found the issue and have since corrected this. If you create another listing now, it should work as expected (I see you created another listing that had the same issue. What was the configuration here?)

We will reimburse you all the funds related to this. What address would you like the ETH sent to?

Note that if you try creating a listing now, everything should work as expected.

That is outstanding to hear, you’re amazing!
Address is 0x2C7Ba77e6F1D25EE8f4905D4cD6934E47ba19BcA

I just made a new auction—
noticed on the main page it says 24 hours,
but if I go to the edit tab, it shows the auction not having any time limit:

Is this an indication the problem may still exist?

The listing appears correct, but the display on your confirguartion site seems wrong, we’ll look at this now, but your listing looks ok at the moment.

The auction is now live and the timer is correct!
Thank you for your time and energy on this wilkens!

No problem, and apologies for this, we’ll get you that ETH back!

By the way, if you visit your listing edit page now, you should see the proper duration and be able to publish changes. Can you confirm you see the right days/hours/minutes now?

Can confirm that the proper duration is listed on the page!
Thank you all again, sincerely appreciate it!

Hey there, sorry for the delay, we sent you back the eth you spent on creating the listings!