360 Panorama as NFT

Hi, is it possible to create a touchable 360 panorama as nft on manifold?

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What file format are you planning to use for your 360 panorama file?

Hey dongqtm I have the same question about this. In my case it is a JPG image containing depth map information. As far as I have been able to find out it is possible to make a simple HTML, but it needs to be embedded in an external viewer to be able to see it… would it be possible? Thank you very much

It needs to been done as a HTML NFT, I’ve created several… although there is a bug where they aren’t displaying currently, they were displaying fine for the last 2 months, but something has happened with arweave and manifold recently.

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Could you let me know the issues you are having with the html rendering please? Would love to solve this :slight_smile:

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Hi Paul, I’ve seen it on your website, it’s just what I’ve been trying to do for a while :wink: I’ve managed to make the HTML with a .js viewer but no way… something I’m doing wrong. You have given me a bit of joy for a moment but I see that Opensea doesn’t let you view it either :confused: What a pity, I hope they can fix it. Do you know if this HTML format works inside SuperRare, Makersplace or Foundation? I have seen some in KnowOrigen and they go very smoothly in the 360 viewer. Thanks

I’ve got it working again now, it works on OpenSea as well
SuperRare has its own limitations, but it does work, not sure about the others… KnownOrigin natively supports 360 degree panoramic images, so you don’t need to mint HTML on there.