3D printable file as an NFT token

Hi fam,
I am planning to mint an NFT that has 3D printable model attached to it? Is it possible to do it on manifold? What would be the solutions? Thank you

It’s possible but I’m not sure what filetype you’re referring to and if it will display on the sales platform(It’s possible really to mint any file). A way to attache additional media is through the hidden metadata field when creating a token. This will allow creators to attach a link that can point externally to this 3D model.

Ideally it would be a gcode on the chain, but there is no hardware… altough having gcode now and being able to print the file only when there will be 3d printers that can read the code from the chain is also a cool option…

I actually am not a fan to have the file off chain… but for example i can do an OE where there will be a time frame to access the link and download the model and which will not be available after the OE ends…

So does manifold allows for uploading external links as a hidden data?
Thank you