500 Error - Import Contract not working for Sepolia or Base

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  • What is your wallet address?
    Testing with 0xf6FF7D63779393B020090402c41AF1BdE6316494

  • A summary of the issue
    Importing a contract created with ERC721Creator returns a 500 error for both Base and Sepolia.

  • What are you trying to do?

Import a custom contract extending from ERC721Creator to use in a claim.

  • What is the actual outcome? Are you seeing any error messages?

500 Error.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 12.46.50 PM

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Hi there, what do you mean by ‘importing a contract’? can you share the page you’re on?

On the Manifold Studio Inventory Page:

What contract are you trying to add?

On Base, trying to import 0xee6968b58c419B35e74af21B9c9F71ed5B4bDa8c

On Sepolia, trying to import 0x127c120335946db2B73501eEd562FbC3AD9b53BA

If there are no tokens minted yet, you will not be able to import.

I’m trying to import a contract so that I can mint tokens using the claim feature, which includes a “use existing contract” feature.

These contracts don’t appear to be deployed via manifold. We do not support apps for contracts minted off platform.

A Manifold core developer says otherwise:


He was mistaken. You cannot use a custom contract with apps. You CAN import a contract WITH tokens minted into inventory, which will allow you to see those tokens and USE those tokens in apps like burn.

But you cannot use a custom contract with studio to create new tokens on that contract.

Okay, good to know, thank you for following up. Is it possible to create an ERC721Creator contract, mint tokens in advance, and then resell the minted tokens on Manifold using a Gallery listing, or is that also just for Manifold Studio-created tokens?

Also - just a recommendation, I would explicitly state somewhere early and directly in the FAQ / documentation that this isn’t possible, because it’s not stated anywhere in the Github repositories or any of the documentation pages, which I’ve spent several hours today reading through, deploying test contracts, and trying to figure out, since it’s easy to make the mistake that it’s implied that this is possible.

You are able to use Manifold Gallery with any tokens you own, not just ones created through Manifold.

Curious, mind sharing what customizations you required in your ERC721Creator contract that we don’t currently support?

Fwiw the reason Claim Pages don’t support custom deployments of ERC721Creator is due to the fact that we can’t guarantee the integrity of unverified implementations. Not assuming bad intent or anything, but bugs happen and we’d be responsible for that if you’re using Manifold Claim pages.

That’s totally understandable, and I’m not surprised - I just misunderstood that manually deploying ERC721Creator contracts isn’t supported.

As for my personal use case, I was planning for a dynamic metadata NFT collection that would render HTML directly from the contract (as opposed to linking a page from IPFS), and when rendered directly in a frame that allows wallet connections, would enable the user to perform on-chain actions, which would alter the NFT over time.

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Hey, are you still interested in doing this? We have an update to our core contract architecture that will possibly support this. Happy to brief you on the concept if you want to get in touch: {my username}@manifold.xyz

Very interested. Thank you! Sent you an email.