500 gb gate limit, tweet Agus? and link doesn't work on claim page

I’m assuming the error I got was an old thing and it’s better to bother you guys here and stop pestering Agus on the weekend :wink:

I’m trying to use the token gate and we are a comedy video NFT so the final product is quite large. 2.5 gig. I certainly wasn’t expecting you to necessarily host that for me but when I tried uploading it just said to contact Agus and he would help me? I will be doing these probably twice per month, so what solution do you suggest?

  1. You could just say, "SURE, Upload it twice a month, we reset your limit.
  2. I could just host it elsewhere but could I still use your gate
  3. I could use a different gate service entirely

thank you for your help folks

might of got lost in a sunday night hole