721 custom reveal with csv file but all tokens are mp4s

Hey all,

I have a collection releasing that is all MP4 files, my plan was to do the reveal using the tutorial shown on doing custom tokens using a csv but my question is how will that deal with the thumnbails?

Can I reveal a collection of mp4s with a csv? Or will I need to do it manually one token at a time because of the thumbnails.

You can certainly use a CSV file to automate the process of revealing a collection of MP4 files, including thumbnails. Each entry in your CSV file would contain the necessary information for each item in your collection, including the file path or URL to the MP4 file and the corresponding thumbnail image.

Here’s a basic outline of how you could structure your CSV file:

MP4_File_Path, Thumbnail_Image_Path
/path/to/video1.mp4, /path/to/thumbnail1.jpg
/path/to/video2.mp4, /path/to/thumbnail2.jpg

When you use a CSV file to generate custom tokens, you can include both the MP4 file path and the thumbnail image path in each token’s metadata. Then, when you reveal the tokens, the associated thumbnail images will be displayed along with the MP4 files.

So, you don’t have to manually create tokens for each item in your collection. By using a CSV file, you can automate the process and include both the MP4 files and their corresponding thumbnails in your reveal.