$90 taken from my wallet when I logged in

In order for our team to investigate a bug/errors, please provide the following:

  • What is your wallet address? 0xd26502d8c1b9F09e1e0ca41342F5E0Fb33f4EA2D
  • A summary of the issue. when I approved login $90 was taken from my wallet
  • What are you trying to do? get my money back…
  • What is the actual outcome? Are you seeing any error messages? no error message
  • A screenshot of the issue/error with the console. Instructions here: Reporting Issues to the Forum | Manifold Studio | Manifold Docs
  • What browser are you using? Brave
  • What wallet are you using? coinbase

I have spent over two hours on the chat and some that wallet node app I sent to response to previous report of being unable to login using my Coinbase account followed all steps created several new wallets and try and find this money but none of the wallets were allowed to l and several error generated courses that chat and situation remains unresolved. I am very. very unhappy. How do I get my $90 back?

why is this hidden you ask qestion I answered them…

Sorry to hear this happened. It appears that this is the transaction you’re referring to?

This did not happen from a official Manifold website. It looks like a ‘claim’ function was called on whatever link was used. Logging into Manifold we only ask for a transaction sign, not a transaction execute.

Is you system compromised? i used https://studio.manifold.xyz/ as I always do. How can someone claim money from my login… I can no longer trust manifold. Will sales I’ve made using your contracts send money to me? or is this now leaking my funds to anyone?

Manifold never requests any transactions nor claims funds from you when you log in to Studio.

You are correct that sales made from contracts are sent directly to your wallet by default. Funds would never leave your wallet unless you explicitly gave permission to another contract or user. In this case, we can confirm the claim transaction is unrelated to Manifold Studio.

Not a reassuring reply. I logged in and $90 was taken from my wallet so I asked again is your system compromised?

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Marking my comment as ignored isn’t helpful doesn’t reassure me and suggest that you are trying to hide something. Perhaps she could reply to my question.

Hi davidlevine,

I looked at your wallet address: 0xd26502d8c1b9F09e1e0ca41342F5E0Fb33f4EA2D and specifically the transaction (https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa9135329a28fa6f1bd3b188a945d24db1e0c56e1ed9957ac3f4b0a1bedece0f3)
that took 0.029 ETH from your wallet. It looks like you made a transaction call on this contract (https://etherscan.io/address/0x11b210433cfc12f3ce0e4830e8f50dc0084133b3) which was deployed by a known phishing account (https://etherscan.io/address/0x000099b4a4d3ceb370d3a8a6235d24e07a8c0000).

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do in this case to return you the $90 that was taken from your wallet, and it looks like the transaction was executed via a known phishing account. Our system has not been compromised and there have been no other reports from anyone else in our community of having funds being taking from their wallet.

Hello Richerd,
Thanks for this reply. If this is known to you why isn’t it block and how has it able to piggybacked on your login to steal my money? If I hadn’t already invested substantial gas fees creating my contracts to use your service I deleted everything and never return. I hold you reasonable for this theft and request a return on my money as hit happened when I logged in to manifold and I have already told me in a message manifold were having trouble with coinbase logins… Others probably haven’t reported this type of issue because of being embarrassed or having the nerve to confront you over it.

OK I have now just found $200 has been taken from my phantom wallet too… This must have happened when using the Manifold Gov Dapps Wallet Rectification Forum Support as that was the only time I used my Phantom wallet.

Have created a new wallet and managed to successfully transfer DavidLevine.ETH to that new wallet, is there anyway my contracts on manifold can be transferred to the new wallet so that they are safe?

unless a new wallet address can be added…

Am I to be ignored now?

Where did you get that link from? The website you linked to is a phishing site thats linked to a drainer account, when you connect your wallet it scans your wallet for anything valuable and then asks you to sign an approval and or transfer funds over. In order for your this to work you have to sign a transaction to do so. The site you linked is not related to Manifold,

But to answer your questions yes you can transfer your contracts over to a new address. I’ve attached the relevant help article with steps on how to transfer your contracts over.

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Thank you for this information. I am in https://etherscan.io but I can’t find the contract tab. Are you able to direct me to it? I’ve spent 20 minutes clicking every tab every listed name and I don’t see it. Also a thought as does this transferring the contract from one wallet to another require the original wallet to pay gas fees because if it does, I can’t do that because any money I put into this hacked wallet basically is being drained, if that’s the case, what’s the other solution? Sorry to be a pain about this but you have no idea how massively frustrating this whole situation is.

Ok I have managed to transfer ownership to my new wallet. How long will that change take to show on my account with manifold?

Nothing transferred to my new wallet… can anything be done?