A little bit more love for GLB Nfts in the Gallery

Great catch. Will fix

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Ok it should work now!


Confirmed, it works now! Thank you!

Is there any way to add a “View in AR” button for mobile? That way the glb can be loaded on an iphone and placed in the physical world making it a truly spatial metaverse web3 asset!

I’ve been looking for a marketplace that enables this feature but so far not many of them work well. I have a NFT on Mint Gold Dust and they were able to introduce a viewer that has the AR button and it works well on mobile. Take a look: https://www.mintgolddust.com/artists/zcreative-media/cryptographic-power

PLEASE do what you can to add the AR button! It would be a real life saver!

Thank you!

Similar issue experienced here: a GLB that shows up on all the other marketplaces fine, but it won’t display on Gallery nor in the Studio - just thumbnail GIF on both. As far as I can tell from this thread, there isn’t a front-end fix for this which I could enact, right?

I can understand that the Gallery interface shows thumbnails instead of full-size files “to provide a better experience”, but in the case of GLBs like mine, the original media cannot be seen on the Gallery page. Like at all. Even the link is turnt into a mere download link due to the file format (as discussed above).

Assistance with this Eth genesis of mine (Crypt (2^13)) would be incredible. The GLB showed up fine at first (and the testnet version still works absolutely fine), but was supposedly optimized away after I created a Gallery page. Now it only includes the thumbnail GIF on the Gallery page and Studio though now my Studio page also feels buggy (screenshot attached).