Ability for multiple mint prices at one time on claim pages

I recently started a new live stream show where we create music/beats/demos live and mint them as “dishes”. We call it "THE KiTCHEN’ and season 1 just wrapped up. Each week we make a beat/song and mint it at the end of the episode as an open edition via manifold’s claim page.

for season 2, we’d like to allow holders to have discounts on their mints based on what they hold, but we want to allow this at the same time as a public price for non-holders is taking place. The reason for this is to allow the momentum of the live stream continue on through minting that next week. if we had to have a separate mint period for the holders then it would stop the flow for the non-holders and it wouldn’t have the same impact.

example: season 2 episode 1 gets minted. it’s a live calim page at .02 eth each. BUT holders from season 1 are able to access a 30 percent off discount price on that same claim page at the same time by holding certain NFTs/tokens.

it’s as if the claim page minter is reading the tokens/nfts within the holders wallet and it gives them a discounted price rather than the public price.

if this makes sense can someone help me implement this for season 2? we will begin season 2 in jan 2023 and we think it would be amazing to have this ability to reward our season 1 holders and also create a way to allow for multiple mint prices at once for claim pages by reading what they have collected.

thanks please hit me back im happy to chat on twitter or discord as well.

twitter - https://www.twitter.com/DLROWiAM

discord - MAiWORLD#3893


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Gm - this mechanic is possible but the claim would need to be run in two different phases. You would have a discounted phase with the addresses from the first claim whitelisted and then after that period, you can edit the claim to the ‘open edition’ portion of the mint

the key is having the ability to mint them at separate prices all at the same time.

having two separate phases ruins the flow of the live aspect to the show and it’s minting.

non-holders would have to wait, which in my opinion is not a good move considering our minting only lasts a week and most of the sales occur within 24-48 hours.

is there anyway to build this, i would be happy to work with someone on this for season 2. we are working on multiple web 3 partnerships for season 2’s live stream that i’d love to share with you that i think manifold would be a great addition to.

any solution at all (that isn’t what you’ve mentioned) would be amazing



I am looking for the same solution as the OP.

Is there any update? I couldnt find a tokengated discount for the claim page?

I want to create a claim page with two pricing tiers: (1) discounted with specific nft and a (2) normal price for ppl without the specific nft.