Ability to accept other ERC20 Tokens for Mint

Would it be possible to launch a contract where we can accept other ERC20 tokens for the mint other than just ETH?

What ERC20 tokens would you like to see supported?

$PEPE to start with lol

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Yea, this is actually why I am here. Outlaws community just launched a token for minting and I’m actually shocked using in house tokens arent an option. I was under the impression that was one of utiilities of Manifold. We can always build our own minter but I was really hoping we could use Manifold with $YEEHAW https://etherscan.io/token/0x3f2ca0782aa8bbbbfe3f5fe664a8e119896db213 If you could provide insight as to wether or not that id possible it would be much appreciated.

this feature would be amazing… Im trying to make a gallery where different mints accept different ERC20 all from

pls would this be possible :pray:would love them to be manifold contracts. bonus points if this works with auctions :thinking::yum: