About credit card payment

Some other people have written the same thing, but I can’t make credit card payments on my mint site either.
The crossmint collection ID has been entered.
Thank you.

gm! Thanks for the heads up - Do you see any errors on your end?

Can you post a screenshot of your console? Instructions here:

There are no errors in Crossmint settings.
However, there is an error like this in the “EDIT” item.
This may be unrelated, but I’ll report it just in case.
thank you.

Your page is updated now and crossmint is enabled. We will check on the chain synchronisity error.

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Hi ayame,

The warning on the edit page for “Chain Synchronicity Error” looks like you may have updated the end time on you claim from Never to May 29th then pressed “Publish” but did NOT execute the transaction to update your claim.

If you want to make this change to your claim and have the message go away:

  1. just press publish again on the edit page
  2. complete the update claim transaction
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I have resolved the error.
Why is the “SUMMARY” image not displayed?

Can you refresh and try again - you should see it load the mp3 and thumbnail properly now.