Accidentally transfered ownership to the contract itself

When transferring ownership of a contract (no tokens) to a different wallet I seem to have pasted the contracts address therefore transferring ownership of the contract to the contract itself.

what happens now?
I was trying to send the contract to a different wallet so the collection no longer shows on my dashboard or platforms such as foundation.

Currently I can still see it on my manifold studio as well as FND.


It means you can no longer mint any tokens on this contract or modify any aspect of it, unfortunately. You can deploy a new contract but the existing one won’t be able to be modified by anyone.

will the contract disappear from my manifold studio & foundation page as I am no longer the owner?

that is my intension as I want to launch a new contract under the same symbol but I am unable to as long as it shows I am the owner on Manifold

No, it won’t disappear. The contract exists forever. We might be able to bypass the symbol restriction. Create a draft contract and let us know the symbol you used and the symbol you want.

I understand the contract will exist forever but is there a way to remove the contracts from under my ownership.

Meaning if you go on Foundation and look at collections is it no longer there?

As this means I have null collections under my profile & I’d love to get rid of them

Ah, I get what you’re saying. On Foundation’s end, you’ll have to request that they remove it. I wouldn’t imagine it’s a problem, seeing as there are no tokens yet. On our end, I’ve just removed the link to your profile, so it should be fine now. Let me know if there’s any other issues.

thank you ever so much!

Could it be made possible for me to use ‘Suburbia’ as the symbol for my drafted contract currently under the symbol ‘Suburb’

If it’s just goerli you should be able to modify it.

when I try to deploy on either goerli or mainnet I get the error:

“Oh no there seem to be a problem with your contract symbol, please try again with a different contract symbol.”

Ok. Give it a shot now.