Activating Credit Card Payments

Hi There,
I wanted to activate the credit card option for my claim page and there is no advanced option on the side bar. the page has already been created and live. is there a way to activate this feature? if so, how do i go about doing it? thanks! ashton.

gm ashtontekno,

once your claim page is live when you go into it you should see an “Advanced” tab, go into that tab and then select “Enable Credit Card Payments” and then follow the guide on Crossmint to get setup

gm Richerd,
Thank you for the reply!
Unfortunately, I dont’ see the option.:sob:

Sorry about that, should show up now!

I see the option now! thank you richerd and yungwknd for the help and hard work! truly appreciate it! :100:

Hi there,

I am having the same issue whereby the advanced tab is not showing on the claim page. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

I took at look at your claims, it looks like you are selling in USDT, Credit Card Payments are only available for ETH at the moment.

Thanks for your reply. Is there any way to change this now that it is released? Didn’t know this was the case

I did want to post the same question but I have a few old claim pages that are also missing the advance feature to enable CC payments. Thank you for your time.

Your claim is using an older vision of the app that does not have support for credit card payments. Unfortunately theres no way to add support after the fact.

@devvjaccobs: You can’t change the currency type once a claim has been published.

Understood, Do you suggest i end this current claim page and create a new one to enable the new features?

That would be the only way, if you want to enable credit card payments, but keep in mind that it would create a new token id

gm y’all! quick question: once you’ve verified over on crossmint and added the collection ID to the claim page details, does manifold verification happen passively or do we need to reach out?
when I entered and saved it said “Not verified” underneath so I was curious. thanks for all y’all do!