Add $DOG to list of erc20 tokens for minting NFTs

Hi Team!

I work for Own The Doge, the community that collectively owns the 1/1 Doge NFT through the fractionalized $DOG token. We’d love if $DOG could be used to mint NFTs that our community makes to support Doge Art in the NFT space. We would like to be the dogecoin for NFTs and believes it starts with making $DOG a currency for NFTs. We already have an established collectibles page that we’ve used to reward pixel holders (people who have locked 55,240 $DOG into pixel nfts of the Doge image), but we’d like for people to buy these and future collectibles with a token that’s backed by the meme itself. We think it’s time for the dogs to bite back and Manifold would be fun place to make that happen! much wow, such thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

DOG Contract: 0xbaac2b4491727d78d2b78815144570b9f2fe8899
Website: The Doge NFT