Answer: Add support for additional ERC-20 tokens on Manifold

At present, we will not be incorporating support for any further ERC-20 tokens as sale options in Manifold applications.

We recently introduced ERC-20 support for claim pages through our latest contract upgrade and included $PEPE and $TURBO. These tokens were selected at our discretion, given the strong backing they received from our existing community of creators. We felt it was worthwhile to experimentally support these tokens in order to offer more options for creators to engage with their audiences.

Since this feature has been live for less than a week, we have decided to take the time to gather more data before making any decisions regarding the addition of support for other ERC-20 tokens.

If you would like to express interest in having an ERC-20 token supported please complete the following form:

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Thanks for the update Richerd, could you open up the google form? It’s currently locked to internal.

Opened up the form, thanks for pointing that out.