Adding Extension Wallets

I am in the process of running a contract on Testnet for my community of artists. I want to create almost a foundation world using your tools, so I have some Testnet eth, and I deployed a contract; as I was trying to add the first simulated artist wallet as an extension to see if they can mint into the collection, I keep receiving the error message that I have shared the screenshot of!

This collection will consist of on-chain royalty splits and primary splits with the community wallet, the artist involved, and possibly the guest curators, and we wanted to run a test to make sure it will all work out the way we hope it will!

Thank you for the time, and I look forward to hearing back from the team!

hey there Longshot, i believe there may be a misunderstanding of what the extension address does. the extension address does not represent an end user wallet address, but the address to some contract that can define additional functionality for your contract. please see here for examples of extensions: Extensions Examples | Manifold for Developers | Manifold Docs

in your case, the behaviour of splits and registering artist wallets would be codified through an extension deployed on chain, and that extension can then be registered to the creator core contract.

hope this helps!

Hello, and thank you for the response.

To my understanding, I will need to have the artists create their own contracts, which then they will send me the contract address they create, which I will add as extensions to the parent contract. Once the address is added, how exactly does the artist add the work to the parent collection? I have a contract on Test net with outside contracts added as extensions and haven’t been able to figure it out at all and any help is appreciated.

As for the royalties, do you mean the “On-Chain” royalties that are available in the Manifold studio as the owner of the parent contract? Or do you mean we should have our own outside contract that we will need to manually code with the royalties for everyone? I’m just trying to clarify exactly how we can host this contract with multiple artists, almost as if we are hosting our own Foundation World through your platform.

Thank you,

gm! I think there might be a misunderstanding of what extensions actually are. An extension is like an add-on to the contract built by a developer that can utilize custom mint mechanics. Things like our claim page and burn redeem are extensions. Adding a wallet/contract in the screenshot won’t allow you to create a Foundation Worlds mechanic.

It sounds like you’re trying to build a series of galleries with multiple artists and group them under one banner? Can you provide a bit more information about what you’re looking to do?

I run a community of fine artists and we want to have full control over our curated collection contracts, we are wanting to set up something similar to a Foundartion World where we can invite individuals (wallets) to mint onto our mother contract then hopefully be able to import this contract with several wallets that have minted into it to all be able to list for sale under our contract that will dictate a curation fee for our community and send the rest to the artist who minted on the primary sale then have a secondary royalty set up for the same sort of deal with the community wallet and the individual minting.