Adding Manifold Buy Button to default product removes ability to personalize product

After configuring all of the settings to setup the Shopify Merch Bridge it seems that after adding the Manifold Buy Button to the default product page it removes a Printful feature button that allows users to click it and upload their own design.See personalize design button on this product - Custom Punks DIY Hoodie – STYA

How do i go about adding the Manifold Buy Button to allow an NFT discount while also preserving the ability for the user to click on the personalize design button and upload their own image to customize the product? Please can you provide me with the specific files and code that would need to be added to allow for this to happen.

If there are any specific details you need from me to troubleshoot and fix this issue please let me know. Thanks very much in advance.

@wilkins.eth can you please help me with this or point me in the right direction towards someone that can. thanks v much

Hi custompunks,

Merch Bridge will not work with this feature in Printful at the moment. It seems like this button opens a Printful controlled modal and then once the user uploads and presses add to cart, it immediately adds the personalized product to the cart. Printful controls this entire flow

You would have to find a way to integrate the Manifold Buy Buttons into the Printful modal as this is a one off, advanced request

Thanks David. Would you be able to supply me with the liquid code and files that need to edited so we can update the printful modal to allow for the for the manifold buy buttons to work. thanks in advance.