Adding new tokens to a collection after a batch has been minted to mainnet

Hi, I recently uploaded a collection of works to mainnet. I want to continue to add to that collection, but judging by how testnet has shown additions on opensea, it seems like it will create a new collection and restart the token numbers. Does anyone know how to continue a singular collection (and token numbers) across batches? Thanks so much for the help!

gm! Can you clarify what you mean by create a new collection? A batch of tokens is simply a group of tokens that you mint together - It should look no different whether you mint a batch of tokens or a single token.

On a platform like Opensea, each contract will be considered it’s own collection.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I mean a group of works that all are visually different, but are meant to be a specific group/collection/edition. I first minted 70 of them (and they were automatically given the token numbers (1-70), my hope was to continue to add to this collection/edition with new works, but under the same banner and with continuing token numbers (71+). However, when I try this on opensea’s testnet it creates a new collection and starts the token numbers over at 1. Similarly, if I search the collection’s title (or my name), multiple groups of work show up. Does that make sense?