Adding NFT-related information to e-mails

Hello team!

We’re working with Manifold on a tokengated Shopify webshop. Right now we got three phases where each of the phase contains between 250-1000 users and each phase can order a product. Later on, we’re launching a whole NFT collection with 5000 NFTs where each holder can order a custom printed hoodie with their owned NFT on.

Since we want to get the information of the NFT (which one was used/ordered) into the packaging slip and the order confirmation mail, we wanted to know if it’s possible to add these with a kind of variable or something. I know that the information is already in the order overview in Shopify, but I wasn’t able to get them into the mails as well.

Thanks for your help!


When gated items are added, the nft information is added to the line item for each product added. You might be able to solve the issue by following this information:

Thank you! I managed to get the information directly out of the invoice plugin I’m using. I only had to activate the Item Properties and all of the information was displayed.

Thanks for the help!