Adding to Supply

I want to know if I’m able to add mints to an 1155 once it’s set limited has been minted. Basically if I have 100 I have available first, then when those are minted out I can add another 200. The reason I want to do this is so we can run our mint in phases and it’s good for the psychological aspect of getting fomo. I’m looking to run my mint in three phases, 100 first, then 200, then the rest of them that are in the collection, which would be 477. I just want to make sure that once the full 100 are sold, I can do this and not get stuck with just 100 an need to make a new token.

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I would also like to hear how minting limited editions at a time works. Can the supply be adjusted and how would those tokens be numbered?

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Yes. You can change the limit/supply