Advance settings missing from claim

I am in the process of trying to setup CC payments using Crossmint. I noticed some of the claim pages have Advance option and some do not. Here is are some examples if it helps

This one has the option Sail Away

this one does not Infernal Essence

Also another question. With crossmint we can verify ERC721 collections but my pieces I have listed with Manifold Gallery I do not see any options to add credit card payments.


I looked at your claim for Internal Essence and the reason why Crossmint and credit card payments are not available is that this claim was created on an older version of our Claims contract that does not support Crossmint.

With regards to your Manifold Gallery listing, we only support Crossmint and credit card purchases on Claim Pages at the moment.

OK thank you ser for the information. I assume no way to upgrade the contract other than maybe burning and recreating correct?

I wouldn’t say burning and recreating is the right terms. It’s more having the sale be split across two contracts.

I see. Id have to mull that over. Need to visualize what that might look like. I was trying to leave all my editions on the same contract…thanks again for the info!

Your editions would be on the same contract, but you would have 2 claim pages and two different tokens. with the sale for that same token being split across 2 contracts

ah ok thanks again for the info!