Airdrop 1155s - limit now?

What are the limits on 1155 airdrops? Were they changed? For example, before when we airdropped 5,000 people we would split it into 2 csv files with about 2500 on each. Now that won’t work. Any insight would be appreciated!

Are you getting an error? What is happening when you go to airdrop the second 2500?

Won’t even let me drop the first. Says something about 250 max. That would take 20 airdrops of 250 each to hit the 5,000. Was never like this. Used to be able to do 3,000 per easy no issue.

^^ That is the error message. Sorry, forgot to upload it to the previous reply.

Also, tested with just 250 addresses and gas was like $1k. Makes no sense. Used to be able to airdrop 5,000 for next to nothing.