Airdrop does not work

Hi, I made a new erc1155 contract and tried to transfer an edition nft to multiple owners. I paid the gas fees and the nft was created but as I look on the nft it does not show any owners.

An example of NFT I did

Would be really thankfull for help.

The owners do show from the link you sent, seems like its working now?

GM, do you see any owners on the item from the link? For me it shows nothing.

This was the only token where it worked.

The others all did not work correctly.

Maybe it is cause the airdrop was mixed by some to other wallets and some for myself.
For example 10 for different wallets and 5 for myself.

What I see is that on etherscan it looks correct

If it looks correct on etherscan then it’s an issue with the platform ingesting the correct metadata/addresses.