Airdrop Error - "Might be a problem with Previous mint"

getting this error when trying to send an airdrop (have refreshed, re logged in, etc). Have no previous mint that is pending.

I am sending out 1400. can break into chunks, just wondering if there is an ideal # of airdrops to do at once so that I can be efficient / not play the guessing game

It’s a little hard to see but a transaction hasn’t been signed right? Can you try signing out and clearing local storage? That should do the trick.

As far as airdrops to that large number of people, it will likely be flagged as spam from some of the platforms. (We’ve used claims to get around this in the past)

yeah no txn even pops up! (helping someone else with this). Will try this and report back tysm!

okay cleared local storage in chrome … still having the same error…
LMK if there is any better way to airdrop 1350 tokens via manifold contract (batch minting erc721 and limit of 200 correct?)

Hi Jen,

What is the wallet address that you use for this airdrop? I am unable to find the token that is causing the problem on our server from jenfteach.eth, seems like you were using a different wallet address

yes not my wallet, my friend is having the issue I DM’d @lyndo the address on discord @dongqtm if u want to tag me there I can send to you.

per twitter Richerd said its prob the token amount - they are going to try that way shortly

okay the issue was totally token amount!!!

So I did 500 to be safe on the first round, but was able to get 650 through !!

if you want to send more airdrops than manifold allows you to do via the airdrop function… for the additional addresses you will follow manifold documentation & write to contract as proxy. Its a bit diff for multiples:



token ID:
ERC1155 so you only need to put this 1 time if they are all getting the same token number


I will upload tutorial and copy and pastable repeating 1’s this weekend!!


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Got it - Thank you for the update!