Airdrop token from burn redeem

We see that you can airdrop tokens from a claim page tokens but not seeing a way to airdrop tokens from a burn redeem.

Example: The burn has ended and now we need to airdrop the new token to specific holders.

Great feedback for us - At this time you’ll need to airdrop more tokens to be burned. Studio doesn’t support airdropping a burn token.

Hello! Thank you so much for the reply.

So there are two options since you don’t support airdropping a burn token.

  1. Airdrop the proper amount of tokens to each holder so they may burn and collect the new token.
  2. Reopen the burn and then we mint the amount new token ourselves. Thereafter, airdrop to each holder.

Is there a way to airdrop the new token from the actual contract? I noticed we can’t edit “Write Contract” on Etherscan.