Airdrop using Manifold

Hi guys!

Happy Holiday to everyone. I have a question regarding the airdrop,

So, I created a claim page, and from that I’ve airdropped 100 NFTs from the claim page to my own wallet (that used to create a claim page). My question is, is it possible to airdrop that 100 NFT by using Manifold?

Thank You,
Have a great day.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do - You’re looking now to transfer those tokens to different addresses?

Yes sir, i want to airdrop those 100 NFT from my wallet to another address. Is it possible to do that with Manifold?

Hi sir, any update regarding my question?

If the tokens are already minted and you’re looking to just send them to different addresses, this isn’t supported with Manifold Studio at this time.