Airdropping Additional ERC1155 Tokens

So i created 14 different ERC1155 Tokens and minted 25 editions of each token to myself.

I would like to now airdrop more tokens to other wallet addresses. However, i can no longer find the “airdrop” button that was there when I first created the token.

How should i go about airdropping more tokens?

Gm - This might be a helpful guide at the bottom. Let me know if this is what you’re looking for: Airdrops - Manifold Docs

I actually wrote a guide last week on this topic. But the tl;dr is that there’s not a built in function to send out tokens to multiple wallet addresses after they’re in your wallet.

It’s counter intuitive, but what you want to do is burn the editions that are in your wallet first (assuming you want to keep the total supply the same), then use Etherscan to call the mintBaseExisting function of your contract directly. You’re basically just telling the contract to mint more copies of an already existing token and you get a chance to specify the recipients.

The guide I wrote has tons of images, explanations, and is accessible as I could reasonably make it. If anything is unclear, let me know. Hope it helps!

Guide: How to Airdrop Your Art on Ethereum |

Love this - Thanks for sharing!

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