Airdropping during a live ERC-1155 OE claim

Hey guys.

I set up my claim page and it’s scheduled to go live in a few hours. I want to airdrop a few to previous collectors, and was planning to do it before the claim goes live, as a treat for them and so that they get it before anyone else.

My question is:

When I go to the Airdrop section of my claim admin page, i get the following message:

You are airdropping during a live claim. Be warned that you max exceed them max supply.”

But other than that, It looks like it would let me go ahead and do the airdrop.

Will it work just fine or will it be problematic somehow?

Thank you very much in advance!

Yes. That’s correct. You are fine to proceed.

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Thank you for the incredibly quick answer, that was honestly awesome!