Airdropping NFT's


I’m creating a couple of high-end merch brands that will be tied to my digital art pieces. Before I do that by merging my shopify store with the manifold bridge I wanted to know if there was a way to airdrop my next art pieces to CURRENT holders so that they can be included on my next phase… which is merch tied to my new art pieces.

Also what would be the most cost effective way to do this? Which chain etc. I kind of know the route I’m going, but looking to see if there are more streamlined ideas as to how I can do this… As I 've been out of the loop with manifold the last year while inscribing new art on Bitcoin.


And sorry if this is a dumb question… I just want to test discussion with the community and devs here to before I move forward.

Also wanted to know what difference it makes depending on the chain I choose…