All my tokens have the same edition number

I recently put out a token using a claim page and after all 100 tokens were claimed, I noticed that they all have the same edition number in their title on OpenSea (#1/100). The token IDs are all unique, but still, it doesn’t look great.

Did I do something wrong? Is there a way to fix this or prevent it from happening in the future?

For reference, here is the claim page:

gm - Thanks for reaching out. Was the claim edited? If so what was changed

Hi lyndo,

Thanks for your response! The claim was edited halfway through to remove the allowlist requirement, change the supply from Unlimited to 100, and change the price (my way of going from discounted WL sale to public sale).
-The edition numbers from both before and after that edit are all #1/100.
-I made the same exact edit with my last drop, and the edition numbers appeared normally.