Animation not showing not showing on Opensea, just the thumbnail

The burn redemption was completed, and the first token was minted.
However, OpenSea only shows a thumbnail of the NFT and not the video.
Metadata’s animation link points to the video correctly.

Is this temporary? Or is there a limit to the file size?

gm! Can you provide a bit more information for us?

  • How big is the video? What is the file type?
  • Manifold Gallery link to the token
  • Opensea link to the token


I found some information here:

So I am currently waiting for the OS to update.

I think it’s an mp4, around 300MB
Here are the links:

I also can not find any updated information on OS file formats.
Could it be the square video?

Ah at 300mb looks like this is a file size limit issue - Similarly the token won’t show on FND or other platforms with smaller limits

I’ve had no issues with 280MB, and it turns out 300MB is the limit on OS.
Thank you.