[Announcement] re: Royalties for the Manifold creator community

TL;DR: We will be keeping the Marketplace Blocker app for all creators, and have also recently collaborated with Rarible and FirstMate on solutions for creator-driven, royalty-adhering marketplaces.

Last week, OpenSea announced that they would be moving to an optional royalties system for all collections, and removing adherence to the Operator Filter that was instituted last year. In light of this change, many creators might be unsure of what their next steps should be.

Following OpenSea’s update, we initially announced that we would be sunsetting the Marketplace Blocker app. We’ve received valuable feedback from creators who would like to continue using the Marketplace Blocker even if Opensea will no longer support it, so we’ve decided to keep the app available in the Apps tab indefinitely for all creators.

We’ve also collaborated with both Rarible and First Mate, who have built solutions for artists to build their own custom, royalty-adhering marketplaces for their work. This work is deeply aligned with our own vision of creative sovereignty and we hope creators can explore these solutions as ways for collectors to buy their work on secondary while still adhering to royalty standards. Both apps are available in the Apps tab on Manifold Studio.

We remain focused on building new ways for creators to own and unlock the value of their work, independent of the decisions made by third-party platforms. If you have any questions, requests, etc., don’t hesitate to reach out


Thanks to Manifold Studios for their continuing innovation.

Thank you very much :pray:t2: :white_heart:

So what’s the right strategy to improve our chances to get royalties? On Manifold I specified the wallet and % of royalties I’d like to get after each sale. Does it mean that OpenSea now cancelled all royalties and no one gets anything at the moment? :smiling_face_with_tear:

I noticed your new update regarding Royalties on the Manifold doc

If we have a Manifold contract with royalties from before August 31 of 2023 and we want royalties going forward, what should we do?

Are you suggesting we need to migrate the contract to an L2? How can we migrate our tokens to Base, for example?

Thank you again for your continuing help in fostering creative soverignity.

Hi - Thanks for reaching out. The docs were worded incorrectly, for L2s, Royalties on OpenSea are enforced but only until Feb 29, 2024.

On Aug 31, 2023 OpenSea updated their policy on enforced royalties. Royalties are only enforced on OpenSea only if you enabled the operator filter before Aug 31, 2023 or your collection is not on ethereum (an L2)

If you enabled the operator filter after Aug 31, 2023, or if it is a new collection then royalties are optional. Also note that after Feb 29, 2024 all royalties will be optional on OpenSea

For more information please see OpenSea’s officials announcements:


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Hello, I’m facing a problem: I can’t add a wallet for Royalties in the contract settings. I tried it on different networks and on sepolia it says that the changes are saved, but nothing is actually saved

What should I do? thank you

gm - How do you know royalties aren’t saved? You can verify your royalties when looking at your contract on Etherscan. The royalties won’t actually display on the Manifold UX


Amazing!!! Thanks for looking out for us!

GM Lyndo, thanks for answering, but here it shouldn’t be saved, I just thought that we were entering it and then it should be displayed

It won’t be displayed here - You’ll need to check the royalties on Etherscan


ahhh, wow. I didn’t know. in which tab to look for this information? I don’t see it yet

Easiest would be to check on the official Royalty Registry website: