Another Chain Synchronicity Error

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  • What are you trying to do?
  • What is the actual outcome? Are you seeing any error messages?
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  • What wallet are you using?

Hello, I’m also having an issue trying to update a token on my contract, the contract address is 0x3e40b67469b03E8D7Aa5bEcd62490311e09bdb36

I get the following message when trying to update the metadata: Chain Synchronicity Error
Your data is out of sync with our servers and the blockchain. Please contact Forum Support.

I am using a chrome browser and metamask, my eth address is 0xC08b6EB32999eb59054f0f6D19E92cD2089eCB08

Thanks for helping out!

hey YHIB, thank you for the report. we found an issue with our synchronicity detection and are addressing it right now. we will inform you when it is fixed.

your claim should be correctly updated on chain, and you should not need to take any further actions if you confirm that the claim page displays as expected.

hello again and thank you for your patience. the issue is fixed. if anything else is out of place, please make another post!

I tried publishing after I edited and saved the media etc. but keep getting an error saving and publishing.
Am I doing something wrong?