Any way I can block Opensea on a contract made before December 1st, 2022?

I tried to use marketplace blocker but apparently my contract is not eligible. I really do not want my NFTs on Opensea and I’d hope there is a workaround.

gm holyempresskira,

Unfortunately there is no way to add market place blocking support to contracts that were deployed before Dec 1, 2022. Contracts deployed Dec 1 are using version 1.0 of the Manifold Creator Contract which dosen’t support the ability to restrict token transfers.

Thank you for your response. Is there a way to completely transfer already minted (but unsold) nfts to a new contract that may support the blocking?

You can use the burn redeem app, deploy another contract and then get your collectors to burn a token on the old contract for one on the new contract.

Although if they are unsold theres no contract “transfer” function to migrate tokens over, the burn redeem app basically destroys the old tokens and mints a new token.

Thank you! I’ll look into that.