Anyone have experience displaying large file size (>150mb) Manifold minted NFT on Instagram using the digital collectibles functionality?

Does anyone have experience succesfully displaying large file size NFTs that were minted using Manifold, on Instagram? As everyone is probably aware, the file size limits (50mb-100mb) for many of the marketplaces can be very limiting for a video creator. Given that Instagram/Meta has way more server capacity than any one marketplace, I’m curious if that means the file size limits for NFT’s would also be higher. If so, then that would be great because the file size limits on IG are much higher ( I think somewhere between 650mb - 1g). Anyway, before minting a video NFT to test this out, I thought I’d ask if anyone has any experience with this matter—or can at least provide an answer. Thanks

Saw you question as I am a frequent forum visitor and NOT A MOD>
I have some experience with Instagram. I minted four NFTs on a Manifold Contract and all displayed correctly on OpenSea.

However, on Instagram, 3 out of the 4 NFTs do not display at all. They display as blank screens. I submitted tickets on this to Instagram in December, but the problem persists.

Further, at that time, you could only sell NFTs if they were minted on Instagram. Is this still the case?