App idea: tips and tip tracking/rewards

tl;dr allow buyers to add additional eth to their transaction above the mint price as a tip directly to the creator. Creator has tooling to see these tips and provide rewards/tip editions based on some minimum threshold

We should enable buyers to pay a bit more ETH for an NFT, regardless of minting limits, should they choose. This could be useful in a few ways, including an artist releasing a free open-edition with tips allowing them to take in a small amount of ETH without requiring minters to pay for the piece, artists rewarding people who tip some minimum (probably hidden/not visible to the buyer? leave it to the artist to announce or not), etc

Thanks for reaching you! Would love to hear more about what you’re thinking.

You would want this to basically be added as part of the ‘check out’ when creating an Open Edition and not a separate app right?

yep! that seems like a reasonable approach to me. this could be a widget or something that appends to all minting apps (OE, burn-redeem, maybe auction)

i feel like an app for this may be overkill and i imagine you guys wouldn’t want to ‘cross streams’ with dependencies between them