Arbitrum contract? and TestNet

Hey there,

I have a few questions here:

a. Any progress on Phygital tied to NFC?

b. Are you going to offer an Arbitrum contract? Currently, I don’t see way to add a New Contract.

c. Royalties - any progress there?

d. Prior to the update, I had created a base721 contract for a large series of images. All data was on TestNet (including images) Don’t see it now.

UI looking good, just like I knew that you would.

gm! Hope things are amazing:

  • Can you clarify a bit more about what you’re thinking for the phgital tied to nfc? (Not sure if you’re referring to an iyk drop here)
  • For the time being Studio will support Eth, Op and Base
  • What are you looking for on the Royalties side?
  • For the new update drafts were not migrated over to Studio. How many tokens did you have drafted there?

PHYTIGAL - I had created 1580 tokens on TEST Net which did not migrate??? They match a Real World Asset and I had made an arrangement with an NFC company. Can these tokens be retrieved from Test Net - The set is called RS Curves. Base 721 Contract with 100 numbered tokens of 15 pieces of art and 80 of the 16th piece of art to total 1580 prints.

OpenSea said they would begin honoring royalties. Have you been in contact with them recently? Wilkins told me he saw this.

DRAFTS - I had 16 individual 721s prepped and ready. They are numbered editions totalling 1580.

Hope you can retrieve them!